Online CE

DACE E-Learning Platform (DACE-ELP)with state of the art technology will enhance the learning experiences of dental professionals. DACE is working actively with DCI to work towards implementing an Online CE system where in the clinicians can earn Continuing Education points by watching online video content.DACE will not only offer certificate based CE programs but also help local state dental councils to track the activity of participating dentists by presenting a simplified platform.

DACE will partner with several local and internationally recognized online and offline CE course providers to create customized content for India. Online CE courses will give dentists the flexibility to earn CE points at their convenience and a hybrid (online/offline) CE model will give them an opportunity to not only use the online content effectively but also help them interact with opinion leaders from the industry. Online CE courses will also feature an interactive course evaluation questionnaire for accurate assessment. Upon completion of the course the points are banked on DACE platform which professionals can also print these certificates and mail them into local regulatory bodies.

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